IT Skills



Apart from core IT field, if we want a good job, certainly we need few skills. The skills include IT skills, soft skills and other professional skills. In this competitive world, superiors always look at the persons’ skills and capabilities to do the work efficiently. If an interviewee mentioned some IT skills like Basic computer knowledge, MS office, PHP etc., in his/her resume, definitely the person will be placed in a decent job.

Hence, Skillguard is providing free practice tests for the candidates in these IT skills. People who are all going for interview or who are all wanted to check their IT skills, they can check in the Skillguard. These practice tests include, Computer Fundamentals, Computer Hardware, MS Office, HTML, PHP, Data Structures And Algorithms, Linux, Embedded Systems, Java, Python, C Sharp (C#) and C++. You have to do is one time registration and keep on practicing.

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